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This is a zone map provided by the USDA.  We ship Zoysiagrass year around.   Unlike seeding spring or fall have nothing to do with planting zoysia plugs.  They love the heat so planting in the middle of the summer works equally as well as the first of March!  You can plant zoysiagrass anytime you can plug it into the ground. When you plant in cooler weather, you need to care for the plugs the first year the same as you would if planting them in the middle of the summer. This map will give you an idea of when to expect your plugs to green up in the spring or when they go into hibernation (it is a living thing while dormant just like a bear.) in the winter. We will ship to you anytime you want them but in the table below the zone chart there are general guidelines we go by. We promise not to ship during any bouts of bad weather in your area.

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Zone 11  Shipped All year long.
Zone 10  Shipped All year long.
Zone   9  Shipped All year long.
Zone   8  Shipped All year long.
Zone   7  Shipped February 15th through November15th
Zone   6  Shipped February 15th through November 1st
Zone   5  Shipped March 1st through October 1st
Zone   4  Shipped March 15th through September 15th
Zone   3  Shipped March 15th through September 1st


Please Note:  This grass is grown outside and is subject to the weather.  If we are into a rainy spell we may not be able to cut sod.

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